Speakers you can meet at our summits

  • Exclusive.

    Each summit is more than just an event experience. Its mission is to bring true leaders together to build lasting business relationships and give its members unrivalled information and access to a new way of thinking.

  • Innovative.

    The summit programmes feature hand-picked top-level speakers, a fresh and global perspective on current and future challenges, best practice on emerging technologies, out of the box thinking and the next big ideas.

  • Content driven.

    An integral part of this innovative format is the original Think Tank Academy which enables attendees to sharpen their skills, exchange ideas and further elaborate key issues through moderated executive roundtable discussions.

News from our summits


With Artificial Intelligence on the Rise – Will we even *need* leaders any longer?


On the second day of this year’s summit you might have noticed our colleagues standing just outside of the Ritz-Carlton’s ballroom, equipped with a camera and a microphone.That was because we wanted...

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Our 2017 Graphic Recording is online!


As promised, and basically starting *right now* we will begin the countdown to Global Female Leaders 2018 with lots of great content. Today, we are happy to announce that Malte, who captured this...

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Content and Media

Future Content from Global Female Leaders


Let's look at just some of the things we have in store!So Global Female Leaders 2017 is history. But that doesn't mean we will wait until 2018 to provide you with more content on the topics we...

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