Good Morning again. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of yesterday’s speakers for their amazing insights! In case you were partaking at the Sight Running: Welcome back!

Let's get started with our Tuesday highlights!

IT Security & Digital Communication

We start things of with the theme Digital Communication. Communication enables us to know what is happening around us and digital communication is one of the most commonly used mode. Organisations rely on this mode for all their business communications. Thus, we start with the Keynote Presenter and Moderator Dr Sandro Gaycken on the topic IT Security as well as a James Whittington Insight Presentation on Digital Communication.

Think Tank Academy & A Great Insight from Google

The next part is all about innovation, digital teams and digital transformation. We will talk and work in small groups at the Think Tank Academy. Connect with digital leaders from companies like Women Who Code, WWF Switzerland and KLM Airlines.

The Insight Presentation with Ari Fadyl will be one of the many highlights on this day. Strategic Leader at Google in Indonesia, he will talk about how to bring Google to the next level of digital transformation. Do not miss this presentation which will be one of our last presentations for today.

For more photo's from yesterday and today, please click here.

We hope you will have a great day and much to talk about during the morning sessions and the evening hours!

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