Founder & CEO
kiweno, Austria

Bianca Gfrei began her entrepreneurial career at the age of 24 years. With her own start-up kiweno she wants to help people to better understand their own body and live healthier lives. kiweno provides simple home-to-laboratory tests and individual dietary recommendations based on the test results on the health platform So everyone can assume responsibility for the own health. The start-up idea arose with the personal health story of founder Bianca Gfrei: "I had to fight for years with pain in the stomach that affected my quality of life massively. To find out what is wrong, I made numerous complex and expensive tests. Only after a lengthy diagnosis I finally knew that I react intolerant to certain foods. Therefore it was my interest and desire to improve this process for other people. Together with a dedicated laboratory we developed an easy-to-use test kit."

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