Foreign Correspondent and TV Journalist
RTL Television, Germany/ France

Antonia Rados, born in Austria, studied 1953 pol. Science in Salzburg, Paris and at the Johns Hopkins University in Bologna. 1980 she worked at ORF, Austrian TV, as a reporter. To work for the broadcaster ARD, Antonia moved in 1991 to Germany. 1994 she started working at RTL in Cologne, then moves to Paris where she mainly covered the Middle East and Africa area.
Antonia is Author of several documentaries on the Middle East and interviews with Col. Gaddafi, Iranian and President Achmeddinajad; recently Turkish president Tayyeb Erdogan.
She is also Author of several books on the Middle East after 9/11, Afghanistan and Iran. Antonia speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish and basic Arabic. She received numerous awards in Germany and Austria, including the German TV- award, the prestigous Hanns-Joachim Friedrichs Report for fair reporting, Heinrich- Heine Report and the Hildegard von Bingen award. She is nominated for the Emmy in the USA for her documentary on the Somali-pirates. Antonia Rados lives in Paris and Vienna.

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