Digital Society Institute, ESMT Berlin, Germany

Dr Sandro Gaycken, Director of the Digital Society Institute Berlin at ESMT, is a technology- and security-researcher, exploring the nexus of digital technology, economies, politics and society. Sandro's research focus is on cyberstrategy, cyberdefense, and cybersecurity. He works as a consultant and reviewer for the German Bundestag, for several German ministries, for international institutions such as EU, UNO, EAEA and NATO as well as for several DAX-companies and unions. He has published four monographies and more than 60 articles, regularly writes op-eds in leading newspapers and has authored official government publications. He is a fellow of Oxford university's Martin College, EastWest Senior Fellow, associate fellow of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), a member of the benchmarking group INBENZHAP for Industrie 4.0, a director for strategic cyberdefense projects in the NATO SPS Programme and editor-in-chief of the Springer Science Briefs in Cybersecurity.

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