CEO and Founder
Five Elements Robotics, USA

Wendy Roberts is the CEO and founder of Five Elements Robotics. Five Elements Robotics was founded in 2012, with the goal of revolutionizing the human robot relationship. Mrs Roberts’ vision is to have robots as an integral part of our everyday lives by providing affordably priced robots that perform necessary functions. To that end, Five Elements Robotics has developed two robots; Budgee™, the Friendly Robot that Follows You and Carries Your Things, and DASH, the Retail Robotic Shopping Cart. Budgee™ is an affordably priced robot designed for people who need help carrying things. It has been hailed as a breakthrough for disabled and elderly people who desire an independent lifestyle. Budgee™ has been the recipient of Two American Business Awards in 2015; Gold Stevie Award for Most Innovative Product and the Gold Stevie Award for Best New Product in Consumer Electronics. Budgee™ is also being actively sought by people from all walks of life, including retailers, city residents, and mothers with small children.
Wendy Roberts is also the founder and owner of Future Skies (established 2001) a High Tech US Defense Firm developing software for the US Department of Defense. Future Skies is a highly successful and highly respected software firm which provides foundation software hosted on almost every US Department of the Army Mission Command System.
Wendy Roberts has been cited as one of the Top Five People Paving the Path for Robotics in Mashable’s Article, “Five Individuals Pioneering the Robotics Industry”, January 2016.

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